Production Process in Iranian lead and zinc production and development company for all products includes primary crushing stage, secondary crushing, flotation, filtration and storage of the product and all available instruments mentioned in section are designed for a range of minerals including soil types of lead sulfide and soil types of zinc sulfide is used.

At the moment, Lead sulfide soil and zinc sulfide soil flotation, in order to produce concentrates of lead and zinc sulfide done with the highest possible efficiency, lowest cost of energy, up to date knowledge, processing equipment, and young profesionals expert. In the production process compliance all health safety and does not produce industrial waste and pollutants.

Flotation listed that is included main production process including the physic – chemical changes on the surface of minerals with the use of materials with different properties including detention facilities, collector, floor instruments and the use of mineral behavior on the gas and fluid and minerals is a difference in the wettability properties, in flotation for minerals listed using unique to each mineral chemistry, high-quality products can be achieved.