of the company

Iranian lead and zinc production and development company in 13/12/2009,Under No. 10582 and with national ID: 10320128841, have been registered in Zanjan industrial property and registration office based on the license issued by the Ministry of Industry and Trade and Mines. Lead and zinc concentrate production plant in Ijrud, was located in Zarinabad city, 46 km of Zanjan - Bijar road in Zanjan province. The annual capacity of manufacturing is 255,000 tons of zinc concentrate and 25,000 tons of lead concentrate. The plant absorbs 50 employees including specialists and engineers and experienced staff started its activities in 2009

Quality Policy

  • Cstakeholder satisfaction through profit
  • Market development through the provision of quality products and access to global markets
  • Maintain and improve customer satisfaction through understanding their needs and expectations and commitment to meet them
  • Continuous training to develop human resource capabilities.
  • Reduce costs in order to achieve continuous improvement in all activities.
  • Using the latest modern management methods.

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